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Blue Kite Stained Glass

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Stained glass makes a stunning impact on any building, and as you'll see from the examples on this page, it doesn't have to be old-fashioned. Read on to learn more.

Commissioning window or door panels

Buying a window or door panel can seem daunting - it's not like hanging a painting that can be re-arranged whenever you like, but the benefits are huge, not only from the beauty of the glass panel itself, but from the coloured light that that streams in on a sunny day (yes we do get them in Britain!).

Before starting any design work I will visit you at the proposed site of the piece of glass to discuss ideas and requirements and to get a feel for the environment and available light.

You'll see from examples above, that panels can be traditionally leaded, or can use modern techniques like fusing and sandblasting.

After this you will receive design ideas and price quote for discussion, before agreement of final design. Only once you're happy will I go ahead and start building the panel.

A local handyman could cope with installing the panel, or if you prefer I can quote you for installing the piece.

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